The delivery is offered by us.

By default:

Our delivery times are 5 to 15 working days.

Katana delivery:

Time to make the order:

4 to 10 working days

Delivery time:

6 to 20 working days

Delivery condition

1. The package is shipped directly after the order on our site, about 48 hours after the order.
Exception for the katana: the package is not sent immediately after the order on our website. The product must first be made by hand. This process takes 4 to 10 days. The more a product is made of rare and valuable materials, the longer the process is likely to take.

2. The delivery time is given as an indication and does not commit Katana Tradition in any way. Some packages may arrive late due to various reasons (transport strike, loss, theft, breakage).

3. Once the package has been sent, Katana Tradition cannot change the shipping address under any circumstances. The buyer is responsible for providing the correct shipping address when placing the order.

4. Buyers are responsible for customs charges. Sometimes packages are opened and inspected by customs, which may incur fees. Buyers assume responsibility for the package being retained or destroyed by customs.