How to become a blacksmith?

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If you are passionate about sharp instruments and their manufacture, the blacksmith’s trade may be for you! However, this job requires a good physical condition in addition to a good training.

After that, you can choose to work for a company or for yourself. The blacksmith’s pay depends on many factors such as where you are, your status, etc.

It is a profession of a certain prestige that must be carried out according to the rules of art.

What does the blacksmith’s trade consist of?

L’blacksmith is a person who shapes a metal to give it special characteristics. To do this, he heats the metal pieces so that they are malleable.

The latter then hammers the material to give it the shape he wants. He can also use pliers, scissors or other accessories for his practice. Finally, he performs the quenching step which hardens the metal before it is reviewed.

All these steps require experience and practice. The blacksmith’s trade is meticulous and must be taken seriously.

The main missions

A blacksmith is required to do many different jobs for his clients. He must have a very good knowledge of metal to be able to work it as he sees fit.

To give you an idea, here is what you will have to do most of the time:

  • Repair equipment and other machinery
  • Make decorative objects for the exterior or interior
  • Modeling metal parts with care
  • Making equipment and all kinds of metal objects
  • Work on vehicles for specific repairs
  • Create works of art in metal.
  • Forge weapons like katana, knives, etc. as a blacksmith.

For each of these activities, you will have to train assiduously before you can practice. The blacksmith’s trade cannot be learned in a day, but it is worth the effort!

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What does a blacksmith forge?

The blacksmith can forge pieces of varying size according to the demands of his client or employer. The latter must be able to adapt to all situations. He will forge for example iron tools, metal parts for vehicles and agricultural instruments.

It is possible to specialize in a particular practice and it is highly recommended. For those who are passionate about knives and especially katana, it is possible to train as a blacksmith and cutler.

You will then learn how to forge a blade in the rules of the art. To make a katana, you need to know the characteristics of the metals used on your fingertips. You will also need to perfect your technique to create blades that are both flexible and sharp.

The knifemaker can create katana as well as all kinds of knives like kaikens and swords. You will be able to specialize in what you like as you progress in practice!

Blacksmith training

To train for this profession, you have several choices at your disposal:

  • Apprenticeship studies It is possible to train while working. You can then join a training center (CFA) for a period of 3 years. You will then have to spend 3 years in an apprenticeship and complete it with an internship. After that, you will still have to pass a professional exam to hope to obtain the precious diploma. Once this is done, you can practice blacksmithing!
  • Studies in a professional school The training in this type of school is shorter. It will take you approximately 2 years to obtain the diploma with one year of preparation and one year of training. You will also have to pass a professional exam to practice the trade.
  • Become an apprentice to a master blacksmith This last choice is for katana enthusiasts. It is possible to go to Japan and apprentice with a master blacksmith for 5 years. However, you will have to be very persuasive because elected officials are rare.
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Which school trains us to become blacksmiths?

To obtain your blacksmith diploma, you will often be trained in an engineering school. There are 204 of them throughout France. You will have to look at whether the latter trains well for the foundry and forge industry.

Advantages and disadvantages of the job

As with any profession, being a blacksmith has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the blacksmith’s trade

The benefits of the blacksmithing trade are as follows:

  • A concrete job This trade has the advantage of rewarding you with unique tools made by you. Here you can see what you are creating and feel it.
  • The opportunity to do what you like The blacksmith’s trade is a field for enthusiasts. You will have the opportunity to practice your passion while earning a living with it.
  • The possibility to be creative As a freelancer, you can create your own pieces and give free rein to your imagination and know-how.
  • Flexible hours The independent blacksmith works when he wants according to the orders of his customers.
  • Customer contact Your customers are precious and it is essential that you maintain your relationship with them.

Disadvantages of the blacksmith’s trade

The disadvantages of being a blacksmith are as follows:

  • A physical job Blacksmithing is a physical job, you have to take this into account before starting this job!
  • Find your customers You will have to find your own clients as a freelancer. This implies not earning money at the beginning.
  • Variable revenues you won’t know for sure how much you’ll earn each month. Customers are volatile. `
  • A high investment cost You will have to buy all the necessary equipment to carry out your activity.

The blacksmith’s remuneration

The blacksmith’s trade employee rarely exceeds the minimum wage. We advise you to open your own business if you want to increase your income. You can then specialize in the area you like and attract more customers.

An independent blacksmith can expect to earn 2000 euros per month. If you are dedicated to creating unique and highly crafted items, you can drastically increase your income. As an independent, the blacksmith’s salary can vary greatly.

The micro-business remains the best choice. The blacksmith is relatively free in his choices.


What are the missions of the blacksmith?

The blacksmith performs a variety of tasks ranging from making parts for vehicles to making Japanese swords.

Is it a physically demanding job?

The blacksmith’s trade requires a certain physical fitness. You will need strength to hammer the metal and some resistance to heat, especially on summer days.

Can a woman be a blacksmith?

A woman can be a blacksmith. The latter can also enroll in training and practice in any type of structure after graduation.