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Tamahagane Steel: Properties, Characteristics and Prices


If traditional Japanese katanas are so renowned, it’s mainly for the quality of their tamahagane blade. These curved swords have made their reputation throughout the ages for the sharpness of their blade. This cutting quality is largely due to the way Japanese smiths make their steel. Tamahagane steel is very hard to produce because of […]

How to become a blacksmith?

devenir forgeron

If you are passionate about sharp instruments and their manufacture, the blacksmith’s trade may be for you! However, this job requires a good physical condition in addition to a good training. After that, you can choose to work for a company or for yourself. The blacksmith’s pay depends on many factors such as where you […]

Our Forging Method

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The forging of a samurai katana is a real art from the ancient Japanese culture. Our team of blacksmiths are masters of this heritage, and can craft your katana in the spirit of Japanese tradition. Katana Tradition is more than 10 experienced blacksmiths at your service. The 6 key steps of katana making: Good to […]

Maintaining your Katana

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A traditional katana requires attention and vigilance. Improper maintenance could alter the quality of the blade and its sharpness. Don’t worry, we’ll give you the best tips for maintaining your katana. You will have all the secrets to obtain a beautiful and efficient blade for your training. Key points of Katana maintenance Here are some […]

Katana Lexicon

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The katana is a Japanese sword with a very specific vocabulary. Knowing this will help you choose a katana in an informed way. The katana blade The blade is the most important part of your sword. The samurai believe that in it lies the soul of your weapon. Here are the terms to master: The […]