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History of Feudal Japan: The Last Samurai ?

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When we talk about feudal Japan, we often think about samurais. These extraordinary warriors, known for putting honor above all else, have shaped Japanese history in many ways. But what really happened in Japan during the era of these valiant soldiers fighting with the art of the katana? What should we really remember about medieval […]

Edo Era (1603-1868): The Japanese Samurai Era

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Probably the most famous period ofJapanese history, the Edo era fascinates many. From samurai to kabuki theater and origami, the Edo period is full of enchantment. But what should we remember about the Edo era? Let’s discover this phase of Japanese history together! Key points of the Edo period The Edo period begins in 1603, […]

All about Japanese culture

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Ah Japan… Between its fascinating architecture, its succulent gastronomy and its breathtaking animations, this country never ceases to amaze. A true example of authenticity, the Japanese archipelago has managed to keep its authenticity and be faithful to its traditions in a world in the grip of modernization. But what is really the essence of the […]