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Japanese Katana FAQ

If you are looking for a quality katana at an affordable price (from 200 euros) to display at home and practice cutting, we recommend our store.

If you are looking for a katana from antiquity, which has actually been in war, it is advisable to turn to auction houses specializing in Japanese art.

First, you have to choose the material used for the blade: manganese, T10 steel, damascus and others.

Then comes the choice of the handle and the scabbard of the katana. On each of these elements, there are various parts. Each of these parts is explained in detail in our lexicon

The choice of a katana also depends on its vocation: only collection and exhibition or cutting practice? For cutting, it is recommended to use a sharp katana. Although all our katana cut, we can sharpen them on demand so that they cut like a weapon of war. 

We practiced tameshigiri (cutting test) on all our katana. A katana is still a cutting weapon. Even those intended for display still have a cutting edge, as this is the primary function of a Japanese katana.

If you want to practice cutting with our katana, we recommend you to take the sharpening option so that it cuts like a razor.  

As long as you are of age, it is legal to have a katana in your home. 

Here are the basic tips for maintaining your katana:

  • avoid touching the blade
  • take the blade out of its sheath
  • oil the wooden handle
  • clean the blade

    The frequency of cleaning the katana depends on the environment in which it is stored. For more details, please consult our detailed guide.  

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Custom Katana

Express your unique personality by creating your own katana. From the blade to the handle to the scabbard, we suggest you choose each element of your katana. Our brand even allows you to engrave your katana with your own first name or name your samurai sword. Also, you can choose to sharpen it or not. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Our master blacksmiths will take great pleasure in making your creations and are accustomed to meeting their customers’ requirements. Each katana is a work of art in its own right. That’s why we are committed to realizing the projects that come from your imagination. 

Custom Katana

Real Katana

Choose a katana made in the ancient Japanese tradition and immerse yourself in historical Japan. Our katana are faithful and high quality reproductions of medieval katana.

Our katana are forged by master smiths who have been passing on their skills for many generations. They combine the expertise of over 2,000 years of forging to offer genuine top-of-the-range katana.

Our blacksmiths know how to forge in various materials such as damascus, T10 steel and manganese. The blades are both flexible and robust, to keep agility in combat without breaking at the first stroke. They’re also starting to make modern sabers, notably lightsabers. For example, they’ll soon be offering Ronin’s lightsaber.

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